There are several prominent Grammar Nazis spanned across the internet. They usually pose as some of the following figures.

Adolph HitlerEdit


Adolph Hitler, father of all Grammar Nazis.

Adolph Hitler is the face of all Grammar Nazis. (Note: This is the internet's version of Adolf Hitler.) He has uprooted millions of *your,you're users across the lands and set them straight. Hitler rallied many of us Grammar Nazis to follow in his footsteps.

College Humor NaziEdit

Grammar Nazis

Grammar Nazis

College Humor's own Grammar Nazi.

The comedy skit group known as College Humor made their own Grammar Nazi. In the video, the Grammar Nazi doubles as an actual Nazi as he is searching for Jewish peoples in the village. While questioning a local, the Grammar Nazi repeatedly corrects him on his poor grammar skills. The Grammar Nazi's interrogation ends abruptly when he discovers a Jewish refugee in the cupboard, correcting the Grammar Nazi's mistake. Realizing that he was corrected, the Grammar Nazi commits suicide to defend his honor.